Bellflower Chocolate Co. Launches Unique Line of Bean-to-Bottle™ Chocolate Milk

Seattle, Washington – Bellflower Chocolate Company launched its small batch, handcrafted line of bean-to-bottle chocolate milk on June 4, 2015 at the Queen Anne Farmers Market. The company offers a line of botanically-infused chocolate milk, created from chocolate processed from raw cacao; cane sugar; milk; and fresh botanicals. In addition to Classic chocolate milk, botanical infusions include, but are not limited to, lavender, cardamom, rosemary, Earl Grey, ginger and basil.  

Bellflower is the brainchild of the husband and wife team of William Dixon and Callie Neylan, who started the company out of their kitchen and now operate out of a commissary in Seattle’s oldest Catholic Church, located in the city's storied Central District. They are currently selling the product on nitro tap at the Queen Anne Farmers Market by the cup and growler.

According to Neylan, “Our goal was to create a chocolate milk unlike any sold in grocery stores today: simple, pure, honest ingredients with the highest quality chocolate, low sugar and zero fillers. Think bean-to-bar chocolate, only in a cup. This commitment to high quality has been very well received and we are starting to develop a following. People most often describe it as ‘refreshing’, noting ‘it tastes like real chocolate nibs’, ‘I love it! It’s not too sweet.’, and ‘Wow! What a cool concept! I have never experienced chocolate milk like this before.’”

The company believes in knowing exactly where its ingredients come from, forming relationships with distributors and growers. Dixon states, “We procure our own raw beans from Direct Trade sources and process them in a manner that produces a great taste experience when combined with local milk. We source the botanicals from Pacific Northwest producers whenever feasible.”

Bellflower is planning on launching a line of chocolate bars and truffles in early 2016. The company has plans to move beyond farmers’ markets, but sees these venues as an important way to get their story out to the public and garner immediate customer feedback on current and future product offerings.

About Bellflower Chocolate Company, LLC: Headquartered in Seattle, WA, in the neighborhood that nurtured cultural greats including Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, and Sir Mix-a-Lot, Bellflower Chocolate Co. makes small-batch, honest, simple chocolate with a focus on love, quality, and craftsmanship. 

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