Bellflower Chocolate Company invited to Bellevue's 2nd Annual Main Street Chocolate Walk


June 4, 2015, Bellevue, Washington – Bellflower Chocolate Company participated in the 2nd Annual Main Street Chocolate Walk in downtown Bellevue. Setting up a milk bar in Whisk, a high-end culinary shop, the craft chocolate maker offered its full product line: bean-to-bottle™ chocolate milk on tap, bean-to-bar chocolate, bean-to-jar™ ganache, and candied cacao nibs, joining company with some of the Pacific Northwest's premier chocolate professionals. 

About Bellflower Chocolate Company, LLC: Headquartered in Seattle, WA and producing its chocolate in the shadow of the Space Needle and along the sound waves of KEXP on lower Queen Anne, Bellflower Chocolate Co. makes small-batch, honest, simple chocolate with a focus on love, quality, and craftsmanship.

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