Bellflower Chocolate Company makes small-batch, honest, simple chocolate with a focus on love, quality, and craftsmanship.

Love for the earth and its provisions. Love for the people we work with. Quality of the ingredients we source. Care and craftsmanship bestowed upon each product we make. 


We love science, technology, engineering, good design, and good food. Bellflower Chocolate Company is the company we created to indulge in all of those things. The Pacific Northwest is our home, the Olympic Mountains, our muse. We are inspired by plants that provide us with chocolate, first and foremost, and so many other delicious things.

So we called ourselves  “Bellflower”, after Campanula piperi or “Piper's bellflower”, an alpine flower unique to the Olympic Peninsula and named after Charles Piper, father of Pacific Northwest botany.  And we identified our company with the midge, i.e., the micro pollinating fly without which cacao would not exist. 

Bon appétit!

Will Dixon + Callie Neylan / Chocolate Makers