Single-Origin Botanical Chocolate Milk

Single-Origin Botanical Chocolate Milk

from 12.00

Lavender plus chocolate? Why, yes! And jasmine, rose, cardamom, and Earl Grey.

Our chocolate milk is made with single-origin chocolate and infused with all these fragrant things. It's delicious! Bring your growler to our tap at our commercial kitchen on upper Queen Anne and we'll fill it for you*. 32 ounces of chocolate milk made with pure, simple ingredients: Bellflower small-batch chocolate, VAT pasteurized milk from Washington state micro-dairies, small-batch cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, and a botanical (or not! we do plain chocolate milk, too). Intentionally low in sugar, we use no fillers or emulsifiers. Also for sale soon on The Chocolate Bike™.

$14 / 32oz hazelnut **

$12 / 32oz cow’s milk **

*Our non-dairy option is hazelnut milk made with Pacific Northwest hazelnuts and is only available in Classic.

** We offer a $2.00 discount if you bring your own growler.

Orders must be placed at least one week in advance of pick up. Milk pick up days are Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. at our commercial kitchen on Queen Anne.

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