Flora + Fauna

Flora + Fauna


Nigel Slater is one of our favorite food writers. Flora + Fauna was inspired by him. 

We take one of our single origin chocolates and pair it with nuts and botanicals that we think represent a season. Pictured is Flora + Fauna Autumn: Öko Caribe paired with sugared Queen Anne sage, candied Pacific Northwest Hazelnuts, and Maldon salt. 

Flora + Fauna Spring was Camino Verde sprinkled with sugared rose petals, toasted pistachios, candied almond slivers and sea salt. 

Flora + Fauna Winter is still being formulated, but available for pre-order. We're not sure what, yet, but it will be something cosy, hygge, wintry. 

* Supplies are limited. Sold in packages of two 3" discs. Also available for pick up at our culinary studio on Queen Anne. 

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